20 October 2010 @ 11:00 pm

The community is members only. Posts are locked. Membership is moderated.

Why is membership moderated?
When I opened this community last month I opened at the end of October and with a new photobucket. In the span of a week or so my bandwidth jumped from 0% to 46% which to me tells me there is a lot of hotlinking going on. If I run out of bandwidth that's all the icons you'll be seeing from me until it resets. Since locking the community I am using a lot less bandwidth than I was.

I requested to join but my membership was declined, why?
This could be any number of several reasons. Those are:
• Your journal has nothing in it. No entries, no icons, no comments, basic ugly LJ layout that you start with when you join. This includes journals that were just made.
• You joined with an icon journal. I do like to know who is using my icons and such and I prefer you to join with your regular journal not an icon or graphics one.
The account you tried to join with is not a livejournal account, ie twitter, facebook, etc.

I have credited icons but still was declined membership.
• If you're not using the lj user tag then it's not easily noticeable that you're crediting. I'm not going to spend a lot of time figuring out if your simple text credit is an actual lj user or just words you have added.

I love the image you used for #icon, do you still have the original?
Nope. I only save images until I'm done with them.

I love your graphics. Can I use them on IJ or other blogging site similar to LJ?
I prefer stuff to stay on LJ but IJ and similar blog sites are okay. Please just credit me @ lj. :)

I love your graphics. Can I use them on a forum or other site?
No. These are sites where you tend to hotlink and I do not want my graphics used on those sites or outside of LJ/IJ.

I will add more stuff as needed.

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